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This sweet family has been working with me since their little guy was a newborn, and now he is TWO!! We did a Fall Family Photography Session just north of Kalamazoo, Michigan at a local hobby farm that I have exclusive access to photograph at and it is just so fun to bring families like this on there and create some gorgeous images for them.

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Fall family photography session in Kalamazoo Michigan

I love his blond curls, heartbreaker eyes, and oh that smile and laugh! He had that belly laugh that makes you instantly laugh! They made on CUTE boy!! 😍

He sure love to play 1,2,3…swing! And roughhouse with his dad. Photographing two year olds is always unpredictable, some are shy and others make you chase them. Dad knew how to get the smiles out of him and I was able to capture their fun bond together as daddy and son.

dad and son playing during Fall family photography session in Kalamazoo Michigan

It’s not a true Fall family photography session if we don’t throw leaves!! 🍂🍂

When he peaked back at me, I quickly grabbed that shot, and he melted my heart….such a cutie. I mean look at that smile!!

These two pictures in the leaves are favorites of mine!!

little boy playing with the leaves during Fall family photography session in Kalamazoo Michigan

What little boy doesn’t love a red wagon…or anything with wheels!! 😉

This photograph was a request by dad to capture him throwing his son in the air. He got some serious air!!