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Gregersen Photography Pretty and Pink Packaging

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We know how important our photography is to our clients and completely aware that we are creating images that will be loved and cherished for a lifetime and beyond by future generations. There is a priceless value to that, and we want to make sure these gorgeous family heirlooms are packaged up really pretty and of course in PINK!! Why Pink? Well, it’s been my favorite color since I was a little girl. I used to be teased for liking the color pink since it was so “common”….well I am all grown up now and still love the color pink, and it’s just a color that makes me “happy” and have incorporated it into my Gregersen Photography brand since day one!!

All that to say that whether our clients want printable digital files on a USB drive or our very popular gallery wrapped canvases, we want them looking pretty all wrapped when when they go to their new home. 

USB Memory Direct is a USB drive company that reached out to me asking if I would check out their USB drives. The most important thing for us about USB drives is that they work and work consistently…next is the cosmetics. 🙂  We notice right away that the USB drives from USB Memory Direct are all of the above. We are just starting our relationship with this company and quite impressed with their customer service. They have been quick to respond and answer all our questions as we are starting this new partnership with them as a vendor. 

Pink Pretty USB packaging for Gregersen Photography Studio

We really like the “Tower” USB drive with our logo in white from USB Memory Direct. It is simple, natural, and our logo looks really good on the wood. 

Families that come to us all have different needs when it comes to what they would like to invest in. Some chose to purchase digital files, some choose wall portraits and an album, and others do a combination of all. Every family is different and we are happy to accommodate their needs and wishes. We do have “packages” as an option, however families are not required to order a package and can order whatever works out best for them. 

Pink Pretty USB packaging for Gregersen Photography Studio

We love to wrap and package up our client’s goodies as a gift. We know these are soon to be priceless family heirlooms and want them to look that way from that way as soon as a mom or dad comes in to pick up their order. We love how the USB Memory Direct drives fits with our brand so nicely. We like to mix all things pretty, pink, white, craft paper, and natural woods with our gorgeous images. 

Big shout out to USB Memory Direct for reaching out to us….you now have a new customer in us and we look forward to working with you in the future! If you are a fellow photographer, and interested in checking them out, please do and let them know we sent you their way. We do not receive compensation for referrals, just honestly happy to spread the word if we find something good out there! 

Pink Pretty USB packaging for Gregersen Photography Studio

Here is an order from a sweet family we have been photographing for several years. They chose several gallery wrapped canvases for their home and their family business! Lots of other goodies that we have a feeling may be for Christmas presents….and Christmas cards….its gotta be a great feeling for this family to know they already have their Christmas cards done and ordered!! 

Lots of orders all wrapped up and ready to go to their homes and be loved and cherished by family members and loved ones for many many years to come! 

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