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Katelyn and Chris chose one of my favorite wedding venues….Bay Pointe Inn! I always get so excited when a couple chooses me to be their photographer and it’s seriously “icing on the top” when I hear they chose Bay Pointe Inn! 💕

I ask them some questions about themselves and their wedding and they share their thoughts and memories below….

Bay Pointe Inn Wedding rings

We met on a dating website actually. Never thought I’d met someone that way but after the first day I knew he was different. But the first few dates I was scared he was going to kid nap me. Never dated a stranger before lol

We had been talking about taking my daughter Addie to a planetarium for a while. Then he told me he got tickets to a kids show at the one in Flint. Turns out there was no 10 am kids show. They had a short film and at the end it said “ Katelyn will you marry me”.

I love his thoughtfulness, communication, and drive to work hard for our family.
Chris says “I love how hard you work for this family whether it’s juggling parenting and keeping the house along with planning out meals for the week thinking about me while your doing it”.

We love to do things as a family and travel. We are hard working. Goal and family oriented.

My favorites are Addis’s and Chris vows, their  first dance, and our first dance.
Chris says hearing me walk down the dock, followed by turning around to see me


We went to Grand Haven for the weekend and are going to St. Lucia next year.

We have done a lot in just 1 year. We sold 2 houses, bought one together, and learning how to co-parent had been huge and I’m so proud of how well we work together

Communicating and listening. Making time for each other through the chaos. And make it sure the other person had time for their own needs and wants as well.

First dance for bride and groom and Bay Pointe Inn Bay Pointe Inn on Gun Lake Wedding at night

Katelyn and Chris, Thank you so much for choosing me as your wedding photographer. You are right, it truly was a perfect day. I hope you love your sneak peak and just know there are lots more coming!! 💕