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Lovely Spring Bay Pointe Inn Wedding on Gun Lake

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Bay Pointe Inn Wedding on Gun Lake

What a beautiful wedding to start off our 2021 wedding season. I am always excited to load up my gear and head out to that lovely venue to photograph a couple’s wedding day! Katelyn and Brandon were just a dream to work with. So kind and easy going. They even had a bit of luck on their wedding day as the rain stopped just in time for their ceremony near the lake!

I asked them to share some thoughts of their wedding day and tell us a little more about them…..enjoy! 🤍


Please tell us your love story….

Brandon and I met on a online dating app called Okcupid. We did start dating right away… Brandon asked me out after we had started talking after awhile on the app. We got each other’s phone numbers and added each other on social media. For our first date Brandon took me to the Chicago Improv Comedy Club in Schaumburg, IL, where we had a nice dinner and entertainment. We have been together since 2018. Brandon asked me to be his girlfriend on April 1st.



Was there an official proposal?

I knew, that Brandon was going to purpose to me… so it wasn’t really a surprise. He and I picked out my engagement ring together at Rogers and Hollands at Northwoods Mall in Peoria, IL and he gave me my engagement ring on Christmas Day in 2019. So, we got engaged on Christmas Day! One of my favorite Holidays. 🙂

What characteristic to you love most about each other?


I love everything about Brandon but if I had to choose one characteristic that I love the most is that Brandon is that he is a hard worker… he works for a software company called Legal Zoom. He is reliable, team player, helps others, and a leader. If, you ask any of his co-workers they would say the same thing. 🙂 LOL.

What Brandon loves about me is that I am very observant. If, he loses something like his keys, wallet, phone etc. I always know where they are at and that makes him happy that I am able to find those things for him quickly but he would say the same thing too he loves everything about me.

What are some fun things you love to do together?

Brandon and I enjoy being outdoors. We will go for walks, hiking, biking, e-wheeling, ultimate frisbee and swimming etc. Also, like to be indoors and just play video games on our computers and or our Nintendo switches, cook/ bake together, etc. We like to do things together as a couple! 🙂

What was the best memory of your wedding day for each of you?

That’s a difficult question. LOL. What I really enjoyed on our wedding day is that we were able to get married in front of all of our family and friends. They got to share our special day with us! 🙂 We both liked that we got to be able too rent a pontoon boat for the wedding day and use it as our getaway transportation after the ceremony and reception.

Why did you choose your wedding venue?

I found out about BayPointe Inn by one of my mom’s girlfriends. She had gone to BayPointe Inn for another wedding and it was on the Lakefront Pavilion as well. So, I decided that I wanted to do a tour of the venues at BayPointe Inn and when we went I fell in love with the Lakefront Pavilion venue instantly. It was the perfect location! 🙂 Between both of where our families and friends live. I’ve got family and friends that live in Michigan and Brandon has family and friends that live in Illinois. We both like the water, so we wanted to get married in front of a lake.

Describe the feeling of your wedding day as you look back.

Honestly, I was excited and nervous the morning of the wedding day but once I saw Brandon standing in front of the arbor… I felt nothing but happiness and joy to be able to marry the man that I love so much.

If there was one thing you could change about the day what would it be?

If, there was one thing that I could change… I would not have worn a veil. Yes, veils are beautiful but I had nothing but problems with it the entire time. Also, not breaking my left shoe just before doing introductions for the reception. Everything else was excellent! 🙂

Where did you go on your honeymoon?

We haven’t had our honeymoon yet. We are planning on doing our honeymoon when COVID is officially over, so that we can enjoy it more! 🙂 We don’t know where we want to go either yet. We’re still bouncing off ideas to each other. This summer… we might go to Bunker Hill in Missouri sometime in July though it’s not really considered a honeymoon though ’cause we were invited by Brandon’s friend who was one of the groomsmen. Brandon’s friend family is like family to Brandon they always invite us to their family reunion event at Bunker Hill every year. I have been there at least once with Brandon and he has been there a few times.

What is your biggest accomplishment together so far?

While we were dating Brandon and I went through a few obstacles together. He lived in Chicago, IL and I lived in Naperville, IL. We would only see each other on the weekends, if I wasn’t working. I worked in retail and he was working for a software company. It was difficult for us ’cause we couldn’t see each other all the time but when Brandon’s contract expired for the company that he worked for during the winter of 2019. Brandon asked me to move in with him. He had a house in Creve Coeur, IL. I decided to transfer to another location with the company that I worked for and I moved in. That is one of our accomplishments together! 🙂

Another one is getting married! 🙂

Please add a wonderful special memory if you would like…

We have a lot of good memories together but I think my favorite memory of us being together is during the summer of 2018… we spent a week together. I wasn’t moved in yet at the time… and we spent a week together at Brandon’s house in Creve Coeur, IL. We went to Six Flags and did all sorts of different activities together. 🙂 Another good memory I have is that I got to meet my mother-in-law and father-in-law for the first time on mothers day and or fathers day… I can’t remember which day but it was one of those and we went to Juke Box Comedy Club and watched a famous comedian! 🙂

Please list the top three priorities in your life as a couple together now. Things you will strive for together each day….

1. To enjoy the rest of our lives together! 🙂

2. Support each other through anything and everything. Help each other become successful, etc.

3. Have some kids someday but not right away… have to pay some of our debt off first before thinking about having kids and whatever else we wanna do in our life together.

We wanna be able to travel the world some day too. 🙂

Awesome Vendors that helped make it possible!

Floralist: Posh Petals Grand Rapids, MI

Cake: Connie’s Cakes Grand Rapids, MI

DJ & Photo booth: Wiser Productions, Inc.

Photographer: Gregersen Photography, LLC

Kind words from Katelyn about us: We loved having you guys document our special day with us! 🙂 Also, appreciate getting some help with my dress too.

Katelyn and Brandon, Thank you so so much for choosing me to be your wedding photographer. It was truly my honor! 💕 You know where to find me when you decide to make a cute baby!! 😘

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