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I love newborn photography. It truly is my passion and one of my most favorite types of photography. I have specialized in newborn photography here in Kalamazoo Michigan since 2012.

I have been professionally trained in posed newborn photography to provide you with the best quality poses and images. Although those quality is important, my top focus is always safety. The poses I do have been perfected for years with safety always being my number one concern.

I want to make sure you know exactly what to expect when you work with us at Gregersen Photography so I have provided a lot of great information about my newborn photography services.

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Newborn Sessions

Both sessions have a $300 order minimum investment requirement. The $300  order min. investment is separate from the $225 or the $125 (mini) session fee.  What does that mean? It means that one week after the photography session, we will have you come back to the studio, sit down in our beautiful ordering room with one of my sweet assistants and then decide what would you like to do with your favorite images from the session. Just below we have a link to our product pricing guide that includes all the products we offering including printable digital files. 

**Prices subject to change at any time without notice.**

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have a gorgeous photography studio where we focus on baby photography. Our studio is all set up with props and accessories for our littlest of clients. We are located at 5100 E. Michigan Ave. Kalamazoo, MI 49048. If you would like me to come to your home for a newborn photography session, please let me know and we can talk through those details.

Yes!! We are happy to accommodate family and sibling photography for the Complete Newborn Photography Session. This is such a memorable and precious time for your family…we want to make sure all are included. Some have asked about pets…..we do have some restrictions on our furry friends, so please ask for more details if you would like to bring a pet to the studio. 

We have clients that prefer to have us do all the work…such as making their gorgeous canvas wall portraits, print their paper prints on the highest quality paper, and design and order adorable photographic archival quality albums. However, some families prefer to go the digital route and order a select number of  digital files from the session. The client has the option to do either option. Both are edited to perfection. If a client decides to order their portraits and prints from our studio, we happily offer them social media sized non-printable digital files that are made into a smart phone  app of the images they chose to have printed as our gift. Or they can order printable digital files and then have the choice to print from those printable digital files as they wish on their own.  

To view our pricing catalog or all the pricing on portraits and printable digital files, please click here! 

Yes!!  The Adored Baby Plan is a very popular option for families that know they want the first year of their sweet baby’s life photographed. The one year Baby Plan is not only the best value, but it comes with LOTS of perks!! If you scroll down a little further, you will see a whole section on our one year baby plan!

WE LOVE MATERNITY PHOTOGRAPHY almost as much as we love newborn photography!! We treat a maternity session like we do a regular family or child  session as far as pricing and amount of time for the session and all that good stuff. You can click here to learn more about our session fees.  The Maternity session is $175  for 90 minutes, unlimited outfits, up to two  locations as time allows. We do have the $300  order min. investment requirement with the full maternity session and all sessions that we do.  

We do offer a bonus mini maternity session at the studio if you chose our one year ADORED baby plan. 

We also offer a deal if you book a newborn session and a maternity session. The maternity session fee of $175 will drop to only $85! 

To book any session, we ask you please fill out the short form on our contact form page here.

To officially book a session with us, we will send you two emails. One is our online contract that lays out what to expect when working with us. We will ask you to fill that out, look it all over and then digitally sign it so that it comes back to us. We will also send you an email that is an online invoice for you to pay the session fee in full. Once the paid session fee invoice comes back to us, along with the digitally signed contract….we will then be officially booked! 


We schedule newborn sessions ONE week after the due date. If baby comes late or early….we are happy to accommodate! We highly suggest you book your session as early on in your pregnancy as possible to ensure we have availability.



Please feel free to contact the studio if you have any other questions!! 🙂

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Portrait & Product Pricing

  • Please note the session fee includes the shooting time, talent and use of props and accessories.
  • It does not include prints, products, or printable digital files.
  • We schedule your ordering appointment with you approximately one week after the photography session. The ordering appointment is at Gregersen Photography Studio.


Maternity Photography

The Adored Baby Plan

Our THE ADORED BABY Plan is our specialty one year plan we offer at the studio. We LOVE moms and babies and offer this special plan for those that would like to have their little one photographed through all the special milestones of their first year of life. This is such a special time in your life…just as important as your wedding day and we want to make sure you have gorgeous photography to document your baby’s first year.

We love to spoil our new moms and babies at the newborn session and throughout the year with VIP treatment. We make sure you have your next session scheduled on our calendar to ensure you get the spot you need before our sessions fill up. We are thrilled to focus on your style and personality at each session and encourage you to let us know if you have any specific ideas or sentimental props. We want these photographs to be unique to your family and little one.

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  • Three portrait sessions, exclusively designed for baby
         ~ newborn ~
         ~ six to eight months (sitting) ~
         ~ one year ~
  • Includes 25 custom made birth announcements
  • Custom made three image collage on a 16×20 gallery wrapped canvas
  • Smart Phone app of ordered images to show off on your phone and social media after each session!

BONUS: Your choice of three bonus sessions. Mini Maternity Session, 4-month mini or 9-month mini session.

All sessions complimentary and do not have the $300 order minimum investment. You have the option to do these bonus sessions or not. It’s up to you!

Please remember all sessions do NOT include digital files or prints, as those are purchased separately at the ordering appointments after each session.

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We ask for a $300 order minimum at each session to be able to ensure we can offer you the very best customer service, quality of products….and a fabulous experience at our amazing studio. We offer our three bonus mini sessions and do not have order minimum requirement with these sessions. Since these sessions are a complimentary option for you, we do not require a minimum investment like we do for the main sessions: newborn, six month and 12 month.


Newborn sessions go much more smoothly if the baby is under 14 days old. However, if you have missed this time frame, no worries, with our patience and expertise we will still be able to capture gorgeous images of your baby. As moms ourselves, we understand that you may be feeling overwhelmed at this time, but we work very hard to take care of YOU and BABY! All you have to do is show up and let us pamper you and your baby. We have even had moms catch a much needed nap their baby is being photographed. We strive to not only give you gorgeous photographs, but also a fabulous experience.


“After some Google searching for photographers when we moved to the Kalamazoo area 4 years ago, my husband and I happened upon Gregersen Photography’s website. While perusing Melissa’s work online, I immediately knew that this was who I wanted to capture memories for my family – and I have never been disappointed in that choice!

Melissa is not only a gifted photographer, but she is also a true professional in every sense of the word. Melissa is patient (which is a must when dealing with little ones!), kind, honest, and has an uncanny ability of obtaining the “perfect” shot. We always look forward to working with Melissa whether it’s for a quick mini-session of the kids, family photos, or to capture the squish of a newborn. I recommend Gregersen Photography to everyone!”

~Erin B.

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Session Preparation Tips

1. The most popular question I get is “what should we wear?” We suggest that families should coordinate, but not match. The easiest way to do this is to pick two main colors and then add one or two accent colors. An example would be denim and cream as the main colors and then add a touch of mint and brown. Coordinating allows everyone to to blend well together yet still have some variety in colors and style.

2. For siblings of your newborn, please bring snacks and drinks….modeling can be hard work for them! 🙂 I don’t mind taking breaks as needed for little ones. Non-messy snacks work well such as crackers, “smarties” candy, cereal puffs, or small fruit snacks. We suggest you stay away for chocolate or suckers to avoid messy faces and stickiness. Another tip is to bring water, everyone can use water during the session and especially after the session.

3. If you have a sentimental item you would like to bring to a session, please ask! I love to incorporate those items. Such as a favorite stuffed animal, blanket, or prop from home. You do not need to bring in outfits for your newborn. I have lots of wraps, headbands, hats to accessorize your little ones. I prefer to photograph newborns naked or with light wrapping. We find clothing can be bulky and just to big for photographs.

4. If you think you may be overwhelmed at the session (especially if their are siblings) , bring a helper! A friend, grandma or babysitter. Someone who will help you and make your job easier to get everyone dressed and ready. For newborn session sessions, we photograph family first, then siblings….that way if dad or your helper would like to take the older sibling(s) out for lunch or to play outside they can while we spend the rest of the session with your newborn.

5. Do your best to prepare the day before the session. Setting out the outfits for everyone and talk about it with your children so they know what to expect. Try to not over pack your schedule the day of the session. I always suggest moms to make an appointment to have their hair and makeup professionally done. You work hard and deserve a little pampering before your photography session.

6. These next steps are just for your newborn baby. Please bring a pacifier to the session. I understand some parents may not want to use a pacifier with their baby….however, I ask you please consider for just this session. When I am trying to put babies into different poses, I find the pacifier is a great soothing tool and help them relax into a pose.

7. I suggest you arrive to the session 30 minutes early if possible and feed your baby when you arrive. That way he/she has a very full belly and going into that wonderful “milk coma”. I need our little clients sleeping in most of the poses I put them in. To help bring in a sleepy baby, try to keep your little one awake for a hour before your session, a bath can help with this right before the session.

8. Be prepared for the newborn session to take up to three hours. I will happily snuggle and pose your little one and let you relax with a book or your smart phone in our waiting room.