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Danny and Jessica married at High Point Farms!!

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Danny and Jessie’s gorgeous wedding at High Point Farm!


Photographing clients that have become friends is truly a blessing. Danny and Jessie have always been such big cheerleaders of my business, and always make me feel so special. Now it’s their turn to have their special day! Over ten years in a making is their wedding day!! It was a beautiful Fall day at the gorgeous High Point Farms! I am so excited to show off their wedding images to them!! 💕 Enjoy looking through them and hearing them tell you all their story!

We 1st met through my little sister years back when I 16. Sparks flew right away but we decided that we didn’t want to risk the friendship between his sister and I. 6 years later we ran into each other and the sparks were still there. The day after our wedding we celebrated 11years of dating together (10/10/10).

Yes, Danny made me believe I was meeting my mother and her lake friends for dinner. When I arrived at the lake I walked into candles, flower petals and my favorite glass of wine with a letter that said follow the petals. He had got to the lake house early and dug out a path in the snow from the back of the deck all the way out onto the frozen lake where he shoveled out the shape of a heart. He then lined the pathway with candles and rose petals down the middle. Danny was waiting for me there playing a song as I walked the path to him. The setting couldn’t have been more perfect he knew that my favorite time of day was twilight, just as the sun sets and the sky looked like beautiful brush strokes of pinks, purples, red and yellowish orange. Once I arrived in the middle of the heart he took my and hand and drop to a knee and proposed to me. Of course I said yes!

I love how Jessie has always has a forgiving heart. I love that she is probably the smartest person I know but is always the 1st to say the cutest things that make you laugh and giggle. She has such a pure heart.
I love So much about Danny I don’t know where to start! He makes me laugh and is always willing to help all around him! He has such a big hard and is the most amazing father to our three little girls! He also is a great dancer and I just love how he twirls me around the dance floor!

We are each other’s better half and perfect compliment! We love to entertain at our home with our family and friends and always love a fun outdoor concert to go to- whether it’s someone famous or a small town band! We love road trips and local eats, cooking together and just hanging out with our girls!

  • Danny: The best memory I have from our wedding was the 1st moment I laid eyes on Jessie in her dress as the music crescendoed and the curtains were pulled back allowing me to finally see my entire future. Jessie: My favorite memory was hearing the bicycle built for two song while walking out of the farmhouse and seeing Danny standing by the beautiful bicycle he refurbished to surprise me! I also love how our 4 year old daughter Jaida helped me smash the cake on Danny- she just whipped it right at him as the frosting splattered on his cheek !!

Danny found the venue many many moons ago when we very 1st got engaged. It has the interior rustic charm of an old barn, but with with all the modern essentials. I don’t know what it really was but when I 1st saw it and then walked through I knew this was the place that I wanted to marry Jessie at. It was made extra special when we found out our new neighbors at the lake owned the venue!

So many emotions filled me that day. Such a roller coaster of happiness and nervousness. I couldn’t stop smiling every time I thought about my bride to be Jessie. So many times that day I can proudly and securely say I cried so many happy tears that day. That after almost 11years and 3 beautiful girls later I would get to call Jessie my Bride! Jessie: Honestly I felt amazing, a bit nervous, and excited! The day fell together perfectly for us, even with a slight sprinkle before the ceremony for extra luck!

There’s actually a few. Special history would be that as a surprise to Jessie a took an old beat up tandem bicycle and restored it for her as a wedding gift. Her grandmother sang “daisy-a bicycle built for two” to her mother, she in turn sang it to Jessie and Jessie to our girls. I love to work with my hands and I actually built the Hexagon that Jessie and I were married in front of. Coffee ohh man do we live our coffee. We had a friend of mine from HS that owns a portable Italian barista truck that made amazing drinks for our guest. Having a good time and dancing is something that Jessie and I really love. We wanted our guest to get a taste of all that we love doing together and I feel we accomplished that with our food, drinks, music but most importantly the love that we showered not only on each other but our friends and family that celebrated with us. My father was married in a powder blue tux… and while I just couldn’t go that light of blue, I went as light as I could (and as light as Jessie allowed)as a surprise to him. We also had a signature drink called the B-Easy in honor of our pup Braelynn who couldn’t be there with us that day as the venue does not allow for pets.

I’m sure if we looked back we could find some things. But I personally feel that our wedding went the way GOD intended it to. It was such a wonderful and beautiful day marrying my best friend that I wouldn’t change a thing. (Ditto!)


It really does fly by almost a blur. Enjoy your day. While you take your pictures together remember every moment of why you fell in love with her. Look her in the eyes and know that you see your past, present and future all in one glance. Make sure you have a same day coordinator so you can focus on each other !

Honeymoon is TBD but we are planning a mini moon to hold us over while we still take in the wonderful and loving memories of our wedding.

Personally I fell that rescheduling due to COVID and trying to overcome and anticipate the logistic issues that may arise. All while raising 3 under 3 and both working. I now know that there is absolutely nothing that Jessie and I can’t take on and accomplish together. (Agreed!)

Signing our marriage license in a small private room with all our close friends and family! It felt like it’s own separate celebration and the room was filled with joy and love!



Raising happy healthy kids!
Practice patience with each other!
And getting to a place financially where we can own and live on property with a lake!

Venue – High Point Farm, Addison Michigan Caterer – 3 Dudes and Dinner
Cake – Bert’s Bakery Cupcakes – Hello Cupcake
Wedding Planner – Savannah Peterson @ LuxeDesign Music
DJ Chris Hesano
Videographer – Style In Motion Live
Wedding Painter – Mikaela Genee Thomas
Coffee Vendor – Colette Coffee Company
Trolley Service – Tecumseh Trolley &. Limousine Service Hair –
Posh Beauty Bar, Katie Effler

“All we have to say are wonderful things about Gregersen Photography! Having a relationship with your photographer makes all the difference. You have been apart of our lives for over 4 years now. You have became family to us. And I mean that. I have never felt more comfortable in front of the camera as I did with you. Knowing that you were the artist behind the lens aided me in focusing on my lovely bride and not wondering if the shot would turn out.”

I can say this with all my heart, I adore you two and the love and family you have. THANK YOU for allowing me to be a part of your day and I can’t wait for you to see all your images soon….very soon!! 💕💕


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