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✨Jilian and Brock’s Wedding! ✨

Life can take you away from your home town and you start a whole new life and look back on those years growing up with a smile full of memories….and then life will come full circle when you reconnect with people from your past and childhood, and you find you are blessed. I felt so many of those feelings this past weekend as I photographed the wedding of Jilian and Brock. I have known Jilian’s parents from my high school years and so many years have gone by before we all reconnected and I had the honor to photograph their daughter’s wedding. It was a wonderful God honoring day!!

Enjoy getting to know this sweet couple below….it truly was my privilege to be a part of their BIG day!

We met at church and were friends first. We have been together for 2 1/2 years.

Yes. Brock proposed to me at our favorite pizza place on our two year anniversary.

We love each others work ethic, love for the Lord and good looks.

We mountain bike, 4-wheel, jet-ski and sing specials at our church.

The kiss!!!! It was a beautiful day☀️

Time management before the ceremony.


The day we got engaged was a special time. We were able to share our special news with friends and family in person and about 40 FaceTime calls,lol We we’re exhausted by the end of the day but it was a time we cherished❤️

Devotions Spending time together Saying I love you!

Jilian and Brock,  I truly wish and pray only the best for you both in your life. When a beautiful baby comes along, you know where to find me! 😘💕