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Photographing the First Year

As a Kalamazoo newborn photographer, trust me I totally understand the urge to take a photo of your precious new addition every 5 minutes. How can you not? Their sweet, fresh face is so easy to capture! Plus, you don’t want to miss a single thing, especially in that first year. I may not need to explain the importance of taking those photographs of your sweet baby in the first year, but did you know you could plan a whole year of photography sessions?  

Keep reading to find out the benefits of snapping all those photos in the first year and why our Adored Baby Plan might be the right choice for you. 

Growing Right Before Your Eyes

We all know babies make leaps and bounds what seems to be by the second. It feels like you blink, and they’ve reached a new milestone! This is a big reason why capturing your baby’s first year of life is so important. Blink and you just might miss something! Taking our own photos is a great way to be sure this doesn’t happen, but not every mom and dad have the time to capture everything they want or in the way that they want. The Adored Plan ensures you receive quality, professional images from maternity all the way to their first birthday. 

Share the Memories

Photographs are not only a great way to track your baby’s development, but the photos are so fun to share with other family members. When you have gorgeous, quality images throughout their first year it’s a gift for the entire family. Not to mention your little one will love to see these pictures when they’re all grown up! Through the Adored plan you’ll have maternity, newborn, four month and one-year photos to share with the whole family! 

Update Your Decor

The downfall of decorating your home in your baby’s newborn or maternity photos is that they grow so fast! After just a few months that tiny little baby is not so tiny anymore and the photos you have on the wall might be nearly unrecognizable. By having photos taken from maternity all the way to their one-year you can ensure you keep your décor updated throughout their first year. 

Visualize Their Growth 

Imagine making it through your baby’s first year of life. Whew! What a ride it was, I’m sure. It may have been the fastest year of your life flying right before your eyes. What better way to celebrate than through adorable one-year photos? Even better, imagine being able to compare these photos to your maternity, newborn and four-month session. The growth is amazing! And how did it happen so quickly? Taking photos throughout the first year of your baby’s life gives you and amazing ability to visualize the growing that they did through the last year. Use this as a time to celebrate and give yourselves a pat on the back mom and dad because you did it! 

If you feel ready to commit to documenting your baby’s first year through gorgeous professional images, click here to contact us! For more newborn and maternity photos make sure to follow us on our Instagram page! We truly look forward to hearing from you 🙂 -Melissa

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