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Kalamazoo Newborn Photographer offers safe COVID precautions in her studio

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Kalamazoo Photography Studio: Safety Precautions always a priority to provide the best experience during this time of COVID.


Hello! My name is Melissa Gregersen, I own and operate Gregersen Photography, LLC. I have a lovely photography studio here in Kalamazoo, MI. I have been in business since 2007 and have operated a photography studio since 2009. We have always been sticklers for cleanliness and safety at the studio, but in this pandemic, we have stepped it up even more to make sure that our clients feel comfortable and safe when they are in our photography studio.

boho lifestyle newborn baby photography studio at Gregersen Photography Studio in Kalamazoo, MI

We know that you are trusting us with your most prized possessions in this world, your sweet babies! We do not take this responsibility lightly. Before and after each session, we sanitize all touch points in the studio. We want you as a new mom to come in, and feel comfortable with us and our studio and know that you are in good safe hands, and that you will have a wonderful experience with us.

boho newborn baby and mommy photography at Gregersen Photography Studio in Kalamazoo, MI

Several years ago, I learned a valuable lesson (pre-COVID). I was invited to another photographer’s newborn photography studio out of town. I always love to see how other photographers set up their studio. I walked in and it was a beautiful space, but I found two things as a new observer of the space. It was disorganized which did not make it feel welcoming and it was not clean to where I felt comfortable to just sit on the floor and hang out. It was then and there, I thought “I need to look at my studio through the eyes of a stranger or new client walking in the door”. First impressions are very very important…and now that we are all walking through a pandemic, I want to be all the more cautious!

boho newborn photograph set up at Gregersen Photography Studio in Kalamazoo, MI


We love to create gorgeous images for our clients whether that be families, pregnant moms wanting those maternity photographs that make them feel so pretty, or our favorite….newborn photography that is a step above the rest. To do that, we know the first step is to make sure we are providing a clean and safe studio for our clients.

Maternity Photography at Gregersen Photography Studio in Kalamazoo, MI kalamazoo maternity photography

Our favorite little clients are our newborns that we get to meet each week and snuggle. Snuggling a newborn is a gift and honor, and a perk of the job, and also a responsibility. I want to be confident that these sweet babies are in safe and skilled hands.

I have been professionally educated by several of the best newborn photographers in our industry. I have travelled the country to learn from these photographers on the techniques of newborn posing. It truly is quite technical. It is one thing to pop a baby on a bed, but making sure the baby is safe, comfortable and looking their best takes time, expertise and patience.

Newborn baby girl lying in white bed with flowers at Gregersen Photography Studio in Kalamazoo, MI

Did you know that some poses can take us 15-30 minutes to settle a baby in to? Parents always say to me “goodness you are so patient”. These poses are not easy, and take patience and skill….and then more patience. I will not just settle on a pose and compromise quality and safety for the sake of time.

Newborn baby lying in a boho basket at Gregersen Photography Studio in Kalamazoo, MI

We offer all the wraps you see in our advertised images. They are cleaned after each session and come in so many different colors!! Wrapping is a skill that one should not take lightly. I actually have been trained in wrapping body parts as my past career was in physical therapy, so I know the importance of pressure on the skin and body, and when to make sure it’s snug enough and when it needs just a little more and keeping baby’s body and extremities safe. When a baby starts to snore and coo in their sleep while wrapped up, I know it’s perfect! 😉 They make the sweetest content squeaks and snores when they are wrapped up properly.

Newborn baby wrapped up lying on a fur at Gregersen Photography Studio in Kalamazoo, MI Newborn baby boy photographed with Detroit Lions cap at Gregersen Photography Studio in Kalamazoo, MI

If you would like to learn more about our photography sessions for maternity and newborns. Please click here, and you can learn more and reach out to us to get the conversation started. We would be thrilled to get that email from you and go from here! 🤍

baby in white blanket and fur at Gregersen Photography Studio in Kalamazoo, MI

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