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Kalamazoo Newborn Photography Studio creative posing tips

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Creative Posing Tips for Newborn Photography from Gregersen Photography! 


Our Kalamazoo Photography Studio is known for instudio newborn photography. Instudio newborn photography allows us to do creative posing with newborns, and create photographic images that are unique to each individual family. I have a couple of creative posing tips for parents to consider when when working with us.


Kalamazoo newborn photography with doctor lab coat

1. Safety first!

We also say safety first when photographing newborns. Seeing an image on Pinterest is great and letting us know that you would like to use that for inspiration, but please note if we can not do it safely, we will kindly decline, or discuss how to do that pose safely with other options. So many newborn images on the internet make me cringe because it appears they were not done safely….or as safe as possible. I never want to risk anything with it comes to my littlest of clients.

2. Let me know before the session of your ideas!

If you have an idea, a theme or colors you love. Please let me know ahead of time that way I can start to think about it and get my creative juices flowing and see what I can come up with to make your vision come to life. It may mean I will need to invest into a new prop or backdrop, and I am happy to do so if possible. It may then allow me to give you time to go out and find the props needed to make your set up work!

In this set up below, the NARNIA set up. Mom told me that dad is an avid reader. C.S. Lewis is one of his favorites and I instantly thought of The Chronicles of Narnia set up. We worked together to put this set into motion. Using what I had and asking mom to bring some items as well. It’s simple, safe and oh so cute and a nod to dad and his favorite past time….well I think his favorite past time will now be being a daddy. 😉


chronicles of Narnia newborn image

3. Let’s talk props for newborns!

I live and breath the newborn photography industry and am always looking for props and accessories to add to my very large collection here at our Kalamazoo Photography Studio. In the image below, Grandma had this bear. She asked that we take a picture of her sweet grandson with the bear because she has an image of daddy as a newborn laying with this exact bear as well. This is the kind of set ups that make my heart swell! If you have a sentimental item like this, or grandma does….let’s make it happen! This set up was not easy, but we are patient and determined to make sure we get a beautiful image for the family to fall in love with. The little sleeping cap is a cap we have at the studio available for use.



Kalamazoo newborn photography with a teddy bear

Props can be almost anything….we have done so many different set ups through the years from….Star Wars, fishing, hunting, Snow White, Mom’s wedding dress, Dad’s cowboy hat, Dad’s college football helmet, Chicago Cubs, seasonal themes and so many more. BE CREATIVE and we will be thrilled to help you in the process! That is one of the many fun parts of this job that we love!

Kalamazoo newborn photography in a family basket

Some moms just give me colors to work with, and then I will take it from there. Some give me full creative posing freedom and I will happily “to my thing”. However, I always suggest to come to the studio with one idea if you can. We want this newborn photograph session to be all about you and your newborn and make it unique to you.

If you would like to learn more about who I am and my Kalamazoo Photography Studio, click here to see a studio tour and hear me talk about our services. 

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kalamazoo newborn photography with peach and white colors



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