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Newborn Photography

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Creating gorgeous newborn baby photographs safely is a full time job.

When you see images like the ones in this post, you see how relax and calm the babies are and the are snoozing away in the cutest props creating gorgeous newborn photographs that parents love and cherish for a lifetime. We want to share a little about all the prep work that goes into creating just one of these photographs to ensure our littlest of clients are safe, cozy and so relaxed that they happily will sleep in a bucket.

  1. We ask our parents to bring us their newborns when they are younger than 14 days old so that they are more likely to settle into a good sleep. When they are this young and fresh out of the womb, babies are still so flexible and allow us to put them into these different poses and props.
  2. A full belly is key. When a newborn has a full belly and feels warm and snuggled, they will happily go into a nice sleep for us. A sleeping baby is so important for newborn photography to create images like we do and allows us to pose them safely into the different props and poses we do.
  3.  Learning how newborn act, react, and move is critical. When you photograph a lot of newborns, you learn they have a lot of the same mannerisms to look for. We want our littlest of clients to not be stressed or uncomfortable during their session, and learning how newborns “work” is a needed skill to ensure they are happy and comfy.
  4. NEVER ever compromise safety for a pose. NEVER ever ever. If there is pose that I love and want to learn, I learn it first by watching other newborn professionals demonstrate it over and over, and study that pose to make sure I am confident in doing it, and of course making sure that my little newborn client is SAFE and secure.
  5. I love to wrap newborn babies. They love being wrapped up since not to long ago (usually just days ago) they were all snuggled up in their mommy’s womb, so when I wrap them up for their newborn photography session, they settle in and usually fall fast asleep. Wrapped poses are so sweet and very very safe because their little arms and legs are contained.
  6.  One of my favorite poses is the bucket pose below. It took me a very long time to master this pose. There is definitely a technique and skill set to newborn photography. It can be quite technical “behind the scenes” to ensure the angles are correct and of course that the baby is comfortable and safe. A sweet relaxed baby in a bucket is just adorable…but honestly it can take sometimes 20 minutes of patience and soothing to settle a baby into a bucket or any prop.

PATIENCE is the secret sauce to posed newborn baby photography. You have to read these little ones well and know when to be just as stubborn as they are….and when to back off, snuggle them, and then try again. These sweet babies are so precious and they have a mommy and daddy that just adore them, and we never ever will compromise that love and trust to rush a pose or force a pose.

If you are looking for a photographer who can create photography like the images above and be confident in knowing your sweet baby will be safe through out the whole newborn photography session and in the end you will have beautiful images that you will love and cherish for a lifetime as you remember this sweet newborn stage slips away so fast.


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