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Pet Mini Photography Sessions

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We LOVE our fur babies and know they are truly part of our family and have a special place in our hearts. We want to capture your furry babies in beautiful photographs for you to enjoy for a lifetime. So we are now offering pet mini photography sessions at our studio. Here are all the details:

~$195 for a 15 minute session on a white paper backdrop with a simple prop. Please feel free to bring your own props to personalize your session. The session fee includes THREE beautifully edited printable digital files from the session. Additional digital files are available for purchase at $30 each.

~We are also offering custom printing options such as a our very popular canvases and our 10×20 inch three image collage. Pricing for custom made portraits is available upon request.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What animals can be a part of the session?  Puppies, dogs, kittens, cats, bunnies….and if you have other beloved pets just ask! We are happy to chat about and see what we can do!
  2. Can I bring more than one pet? Yes, you can. We will charge an additional $50 fee for each pet, but you will get an additional digital file as well.So if you have three pets to bring in, the fee is $385 and that will then include 7 digital files.
  3. Can I be photographed with my pet?  Yes! We are happy to do that! Just know that we will not be photographing humans alone for this session. They must be photographed with their pet, and then we will photograph the pet alone.
  4. Will there be other background options? White and dark gray are the options we offer at this time. It is a paper backdrop and we are only offering paper backdrop and floor in case there is an accident.
  5. What happens if my pet pees or poops? We get it, that may happen, we ask that you please take the responsibility to clean up the mess.
  6. How should I bring my pet? Since our studio is set up for humans, we ask that you please bring your pet in to the studio by leash or carry them in. We do not allow pets to roam the studio, so we ask you please keep them in your arms or on a leash.
  7. Do you offer albums? We do! We specialize in custom albums and photography books, which is a great option for these sessions. We also offer custom made canvases, portraits and collages that are so adorable and will look great on your wall to show off your fur baby!
  8. What if my pet doesn’t cooperate? We get that, we photograph toddlers all the time so we understand that it can be a challenge. If we see it is just not going to happen, we are happy to reschedule for a small reschedule fee.
  9. Why are sessions only offered on specific dates? We need to clean the studio well after our pet sessions to make sure we are sensitive to our human clients with pet allergies. So we are setting up dates and times to be just for pet sessions each month so that we can have the studio ready for a furry friends and then allow enough time to clean up well afterwards. If the current pet mini session date does not work for you, please reach out. We are happy to accommodate any Tuesday or Thursday during business hours of 9am-4pm as our schedule allows.
  10. What is your turn around time? We are fast over here. 😉 Our turn around time is one week. If you need your images sooner than one week, we do have a rush fee of $50 to push you to the front of the line.


Ready to book? YAY!!!!


Just click here for times, right now we are offering them on Jan. 20th 2023

If you need another date, we are offering Tuesdays and Thursdays during business hours as our schedule allows, so please reach out and we will do our best to make a session time work for you!

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