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Reasons why you should print off your images

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Why You Should Print Your Images

As a Kalamazoo family, newborn, and maternity photographer I want my clients and others looking to invest in photography sessions to understand the importance of physical images. Keep reading to hear why printing your digital images is important! 


Make Your House a Home

Family, newborn, and maternity photos are so special and capture your family in such a beautiful way, why wouldn’t you want to display them? Displaying your images around the house transforms it into a home. Printing your images will also allow you to personalize the products you’d like for your home. Whether you want a print to hang or a photo album to keep (or both!) YOU get to choose what products decorate your home. 

Spread the Love

Physical family, newborn, and maternity images can be a great gift. Grandma’s, grandpa’s, aunts, uncles, and everyone in between! Sharing your family images can be such a special gift to give and one that lasts. Meaningful gifts are the best ones to give! 


Photo Loss

How much can we truly count on our hard drives and storage? Waking up one day to all your special images gone would be such a disheartening feeling. By printing your images, you can avoid the sadness of lost images because you know exactly where your beautiful family album is! Or you can look up and see your sweet newborns face hanging on the wall. I think it’s safe to say we can trust ourselves a little more than our computers to hold onto our cherished memories. 



Your photography session is an investment. By printing your images, you get to go home with beautiful tangible photos and products from your special session. Besides, there’s nothing like physically holding such a special photo to look at, or to show others. Having tangible photos is still important even though we all have technology. 

Forgotten Photos

How often do you pick up or phone or hop on your computer just to look back on special photos and memories? For me and many others it’s not very often. When you invest in family photos, you’re capturing some of the most special moments. These are moments that are meant to be remembered and looked at. Printing your images will ensure that you get the most out of your session and experience. You can come home, pull out your album, look at your wall and be reminded of those beautiful memories! 

If you’re ready to create memories with us, contact us to inquire about your very own family, newborn, or maternity session. 


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