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Alanna reached out to me several months ago asking me to photograph her wedding. She let me know she followed me for years on social media and I was so happy she chose me. We had an amazing day celebrating their marriage at Stoatin Brae Golf Course.  Her and Tom have a beautiful love story of beauty from ashes, and God giving them second chances at love. I so love my job and the places it takes me and the people I am able to meet. 💕

We met through a mutual friend. Saw one another from time to time at different functions. Started a friendship that eventually turned into something incredibly special. Neither of us thought we would ever marry again. However we realized that although we were 2 beautifully broken people…….together, we were perfect!!! Marriage just made sense. 💕

Yes, it was Dec 26, 2019 and it was 61 degrees, absolutely crazy for December. Knowing how nice the weather was going to be, Tom and I planned to go out for breakfast and then go for a walk in Kellogg Forest (this a special place for us, we have had a lot of long, deep conversations there throughout our relationship). Little did I know, he picked up my ring at the jewelry store that morning as well. During our walk, we stopped at a little shelter that is there, and after we reminisced about a few memories, he said “Remember when I promised you that I would make you smile every day? How am I doing so far? Now how about I promise to love you the rest of my life? And with that, I have a question for you…….Alanna Kay, will you marry me?” I should also mention that there was an unbelievable sunrise that morning (I took pics of it) and the day ended with an amazing sunset as well. It was a sign that all of this couldn’t be more perfect.

Alanna loves how caring and attentive Tom is. He loves deeply and the love he has shown her is beyond anything she could have imagined. He makes her realize that she is such a better woman than she thought she was. Tom loves her selflessness, how she cares for the ones she loves and how she lights up a room with her smile.

We just literally have fun doing anything OR nothing. HAHA We have never once had a disagreement/argument. We love every minute that we spend together. But if I have to pinpoint a few things…..walks on the golf course, watching movies at home and watching sunsets.

For Tom it was the first look and watching me walk down the isle. He also thought the photos out on the course with our kids were a lot of fun.
For Alanna, it is so hard to pick one. But I think it was when he first saw me too and how his eyes welled up.

Golf is important to Tom and he is a member of Gull Lake View. Stoatin Brae was the perfect course due to the beautiful view and gorgeous patio.

Magical and emotional. Full of love.

Golf and Fireball. HAHAHA

That we would not be in the middle of a pandemic so we could have had all of our close family and friends there to celebrate with us.

We are headed up to the UP for a long weekend. And then we are hoping to take a long tropical vacation once the Covid pandemic is clear.

I knew I was in love with him WAY before I told him. I used to say things like “I like you” or “I adore you” all the time. Little did I know he could see right through me. He told me my eyes said everything I didn’t. I finally got up the courage to tell him and it came out as “I am utterly and completely in love with you.” That phrase is now very special to us.

To wake up every morning and make it a point to make each other smile.
To love every moment and take nothing for granted.
And to make memories that take your breath away.

Alanna’s note to me… sweet that I had to share. She sure knows how to make a girl feel good! 

Melissa, you were also just as amazing!!!! I have followed your work for years and I love what you do !! Being an amateur photographer, I wanted the best to capture all of our moments, so I was thrilled when you agreed to shoot our special day. You were easy going, fun, efficient and I have no doubt we will LOVE our photos. 💕