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Boutique Children Photographer in Kalamazoo Michigan

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Boutique Children Photographer in Kalamazoo Michigan

Did you know that Kalamazoo Michigan has had a boutique photography studio since 2009? Yup! That’s right! We have specialized in newborn, baby and children photography since 2009 when we opened our first studio!

Our studio is set up for our littlest of clients (newborns) to family photography. Our boutique photography studio is 1200 square feet and located right in Kalamazoo, MI. We have a private parking lot with easy access into the comfortable studio.

With each client, we have different requests for types of sessions from simple to themed. It’s always fun to accommodate everyone’s requests to create photographs that they love!

I love creating photographs like this one below of daddy and newborn baby daughter. The love and adoration is instant, so is the wrapping daddy around her itty bitty little finger. 🤍

Our boutique photography studio allows clients to have lots of variety and feel comfortable in the studio. They can sit and relax or watch us work with their little ones. Most parents do a little of both!

Newborn baby photography at Gregersen Photography in Kalamazoo, MI

Newborn baby photography at Gregersen Photography in Kalamazoo, MI

At our boutique photography studio, we recently added this adorable little bath tub to our prop collection. It’s a perfect end to a one year old session especially if we do a “cake smash” series of photographs. They all love a little “splish splash” time with the tub.

We offer as much creativity as you can handle for a cake smash session! Parents will give us some ideas and we will let them know what we can do. We will do our best to find a backdoor that will be perfect for the session and ask parents to bring any other fun props they may have. We are happy to offer bakery suggestions too for that perfect cake!

Cake smash photography for one year old Mickey Mouse theme

Mom requested we use this adorable wrap and headband for her newborn photography session. I like to start my setups with simple natural elements and then add color and texture. This adorable wrap and headband looked great with this set up, and that sweet newborn baby could not be cuter!

Newborn baby photography at Gregersen Photography in Kalamazoo, MI

This “wild one” was one of our baby planners! I have been photographing him since he was in the womb. Mom had this fun idea of WILD ONE for his birthday, so she brought the props and I provided the backdrop. If you have an idea, let me know….it’s so fun to create an unique set up just for baby!!

WILD ONE cake smash photography session

As you can see, our boutique photography studio allows for a lot of variety of photography. From a colorful cake smash session to a soft boho maternity session. 🤍

This image below is in the top cutest images I have ever taken. How darling is this?? This sweet baby girl was one of our baby planners so she is used to being in front of my camera. Her parents brought their adorable puppy for his debut in front of the camera. They hoped for a cute “sibling” picture…and we all nailed it! So adorable!

baby and puppy photography Kalamazoo Michigan

Our newborn photography is our specialty at Gregersen Photography. Our boutique photography studio is all set up with props, accessories, wraps, headband and so much more to create gorgeous newborn photographs. In this image below, his parents asked for a photograph to honor dad’s profession and a physician. We may have all the props for a session, but we LOVE it when families bring in personal props just like this!!

Newborn baby photography at Gregersen Photography in Kalamazoo, MI

Another adorable baby planner finishing her one year session with us smashing cake! As you can see, she really got into it!

kalamazoo baby photography cake smash

I love creating photographs that are soft, calm and cozy with mommy. Newborns love to be near their moms. 🤍

boho lifestyle newborn baby photography studio Kalamazoo Michigan

Maternity photography is just so fun. Making a woman feel beautiful while she is growing a sweet baby is one of my favorite things to do. We offer instudio and outside maternity photography sessions.

kalamazoo pregnancy photography

His grandmother asked for a picture with this teddy bear. Photographing newborn is just so much fun, and knowing I am creating images like this for families makes my heart so happy.

Newborn baby photography at Gregersen Photography in Kalamazoo, MI

If you would like more information about our photography services, we would be thrilled to hear from you!

Feel free to reach out to us by clicking here!! 💕

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