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Carlos & Sue’s Wedding at Gull Lake Country Club

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When Sue asked me to photograph her wedding. I knew I couldn’t say no. I say that because I have had to say no to lots of weddings this year as I have decided to retire from wedding photography and focus on my newborn baby, families and high school senior photography business that has been booming! I am so glad I said YES to Sue and Carlos. Their wedding day was just how I hoped for them. It was like photographing friends as they have been wonderful clients of mine for years. I am so happy for them as they are now man and wife, and look forward to continuing to be their family photographer for many years to come.

Sue and Carlos,

Enjoy this sneak peak!! There are lots more to come, I hope looking through these images brings back all those wonderful feelings of your perfect day!


Melissa 🙂

Carlos and Sue met at work in 2009. We quickly became friends and starting dating. The dating did not last for long but the friendship did. There were a number of ups and downs over the years including a couple years of not talking. We reconnected and started dating again and it was like no time had passed. In 2017 Sue got pregnant with our child and we’ve been together consistently ever since. They was always something between us that was difficult to ignore.


  • Sue had made Carlos a love book about their love story for Valentines Day. On August 5, 2022 Carlos started to read that book to their daughter at bedtime. He stopped half way through and said it was time for a new part to the story. He came around to the other side of the bed, got down on one knee and asked Sue to marry him. It was perfect.

  • Carlos loves Sue’s sense of humor. Sue loves Carlos’s excitement about life and his sense of humor also.

  • Carlos and Sue laugh a lot. There is a lot of humor and love in the home. We enjoy spending time with our daughter. We enjoy nights in together, watching Netflix previews to find shows to watch together and then watching those shows. We love to get dressed up and go out together on occasion. We just like being around each other.

For Carlos – The end of Be One. Spinning and dipping was flawlessly romantic. The lighting was perfect. And everyone was fixed on us. It…was…perfect.
For Sue – the day didn’t go by fast, every moment was enjoyed. The weather was perfect. I felt so connected to Carlos and felt so grateful to have everyone there to celebrate us. I’ve never felt so much love in my life. It really was perfect.

  • We chose the venue because it was a big space where we could have as many friends and family there that we wanted, not too far from home. We also loved that it was on the water. It was a beautiful space and perfect for us.

  • It was honestly just magical. Everything was perfect. The weather, the setting, the ceremony, the party. It was everything we wanted and more. There was so much love between us and around us. People were happy and enjoyed the celebration. It was romantic and fun. Just perfection.

  • We had an ‘in memory’ table with a candle lit to remember those that we’ve lost that were there in spirit with us.

Sue forgot to put the cake topper on the cake. I’d go back and put it on top of the cake. Lol
Also, we should have had drinks in our hands when Carlos made a toast, so we could’ve done an actual toast like we planned.

  • Enjoy the day. The little hiccups just don’t matter. The day is about the two of you and any drama or mistakes or hiccups aren’t a big deal in the scheme of things. Enjoy each moment, they are worth it and you will remember them forever.

  • We are going to Orlando with our daughter and we are so excited. She is part of our story and deserves to come with us. Carlos and I are going to go to Traverse City just the two of us later in the year

  • We had a baby while Sue was getting her doctorate. We experienced a number of deaths within a couple of years as well as very significant illnesses. We have been through a lot together. Getting married was the culmination and celebration that we needed after a few rough years.

  • There was a moment late in the reception when the younger folks were dancing and having a good time. Everyone paused at one point when we all saw Sue’s parents dancing together in the entryway when they thought no one was looking. They’ve been married 53 years. They might have been tired and ready to go, but they made that moment their own and it touched the hearts of everyone who saw it. It was so special and sweet. Something to aspire to without a doubt.

  • Growing communication. Expressing emotions, and travel

List of amazing vendors!

Miracle moments videography –
Cake – Katie Cakes Baking Co. – found on Facebook
Decor Elegance (table decor rental) – Angela Smith –
DJ – Luxx Entertainment –
Melissa Gregersen Photography!!!!


Melissa has been our photographer for five years. It was so wonderful having her shoot our wedding. She made it easy and fun and was always right there for us to get pictures with our loved ones. I cannot say enough good things about Melissa Gregersen. She is very special to us and her work is second to none.


Our wedding day was everything. It was perfect for us. A day we will never forget.


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