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Hannah and Jullian: Family

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This past weekend I have been visiting my sister (Marie), my brother in law (Anthony), and my sweet nephew (Marshall). They live DEEP in the south….in the woods of North Carolina. Its so funny to listen to Anthony talk…its like a different English dialect down here…and add the thick southern accent….I have to have my sister translate for me sometimes.

My sister has a dear friend, Hannah, who I met last fall at Marie and Anthony’s wedding. She is one of those girls who is just….loyal, and so likeable. =) Marie is blessed to have her as a friend. I did a quick family session for her and her handsome little boy Jullian. Cowboy hats are a necessity down in these parts. =) I love it!!  One of the photos is Hannah in her work gear. She is a paramedic and firefighter, and she is all of 4ft. 11inches… and TOUGH little lady right there. =)

Enjoy the photos!! =)


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