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Why Newborn Photography is so Important to Invest In

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Newborn Photography Tips and Tricks as you prepare for your newborn photography session with Gregersen Photography, LLC


We know that parents want only the best for their baby so we have these tips ensure that your sweet baby will be a little more sleepy, less hungry, more content and easier to photograph — which is better for everyone, especially your baby.

Schedule your session while you are pregnant!


The most important thing is to photograph babies from4 days to three weeks  after their birth. The earliest you can photograph them, the better. They’re more sleepy and can be effortlessly posed. 1-month-olds are more alert, but you can capture more “lifestyle” not as posed  images with their eyes open. Keep this in mind as you plan your photos. We suggest you book your newborn session while in your 2nd trimester to ensure you get the session date and time you need.


A full baby is a happy baby…

What this means is we want to start our sessions with a full belly of milk so babies are ready to settle into their milk coma nap and allow us to pose them comfortably. So plan to come 30 minutes prior to your session time to get comfy and feed your baby.

Be Patient and Trust us…

We hear all the time. “You have to be so patient with this job”, and that is very true. A typical session takes about two to even three hours depending on how baby is tolerating the session. We ask parents to trust the process. We do this all the time and know newborns well, and have learned just being patient with them is the best approach.

blue monochrome newborn baby boy sleeping in a bed.


We take safety very seriously here. I (Melissa) have been professionally trained in posed newborn photography and in that training safety with newborns as far as positioning and posing is always a priority in every pose we have been taught. I will not “wing it” with your baby to try a new pose or technique, everything we do is practiced and experienced before try a new pose.

I always try to have my assistant with me as a spotter. for the baby. If my assistant is not available, I will ask mom or dad to help as needed. Again, safety is alway #1.

Handsome newborn baby boy in a jungle greenhouse

Creativity is the name of the game!

We LOVE to get creative here! That can be a sweet and simple set up, or we are happy to take an idea you have and see how we can make it work for your newborn photography session. We want the session to reflect you and your family. If you want more lifestyle/non posed photography, we are happy to do that at the studio, or if you like posed photography for your newborn, we specialize in that. We often do a little combination of both!

beautiful baby boy in an outdoor greenhouse.


If you would like to learn more about our newborn photography services….please click here. We would be thrilled to talk to you more and see if we are a good fit for you and your little one on the way!

Our photography studio is located in Kalamazoo, Michigan. We specialize in newborn baby photography.

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